Done Desk™

The accelerator for the startup dental entrepreneur.

Done Desk helps you get started and easily manage your recruitment, compliance, and employee management in one organized online place. We handle the operational side of dentistry that they didn’t teach you in dental school.

Startup Accelerator

Best in class operational management tools

Consolidate Operations

Simplify your day with operational tools that make sense.

Oversee Employee Development

Know who's due for new training or to help schedule your CE classes.

Build Practice Intellegence

Build and store practice management documents for your team.

Efficient Effort

Manage HR, Operations, Compliance, Training and more on one platform

Organize your practice in Done Desk, whether it's policies, job descriptions, employment handbook or training so that everyone is aligned, know where things stand and how they should move forward.

Increased impact

Build your risk management process

Start off right by ensuring employee compliance training programs are complete including OSHA, HIPAA, Infection Control, Radiation, and more.

People Excellence

Performance manage your team

Use Done Desk’s expert forms to establish performance expectations in your new practice. You can also use Done Desk to store employee documents for future reference.


Practice management resource library

Access our library of HR and practice management documents. You’ll save hours having to search out these documents on your own. You can also upload your custom documents for later use.

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