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Paranoid Security

We’re paranoid about your data security.

Security is our first priority at Donedesk because your ideas are as valuable as money. They should only be seen by the personnel you want to see them. Here’s an overview of some of the ways we guard the security of your information and your company:

Secure Data

The safest data security policy is to not store sensitive data in the first place. Financial information (like credit card numbers) is never stored on our servers. Period.

Password data is also not stored in a recoverable form. Sadly, most people re-use their passwords, which makes them an attractive target since one password may work for your email and bank account and more. To minimize this risk, Donedesk uses mathematical voodoo (aggressive salt and hash) to destroy your password before storing it. When you enter your password to log in we can still confirm that the password is the same, but nobody can obtain your original password using the stored information.

Secure Software

A majority of security breaches exploit bugs in the code. We use aggressive testing and code audits to detect and eliminate mistakes before they reach the production servers.

A highly popular method of stealing web data is “SQL Injection”, which is possible due to a design flaw in the most popular data storage systems. Most of the best sites protect their data from this via special coding standards. We’ve gone one step further by scraping SQL altogether. We use another system that is completely immune to this attack.

Our software systems in general follow this standard. Wherever possible, vulnerable systems (like SQL) are completely removed, and safer alternatives are used. We do not flirt with danger.

Secure Physical Location

Our servers are located in a building most spy movies would envy. Unmarked, ongoing surveillance (both inside and out), biometric locks, redundant power systems and hardware. That's important because protecting your information from ‘Internet’ attacks isn’t enough. Your information must also be safe from good old-fashioned physical access. Our data center is likely far more secure than your company’s office buildings.

Secure YOU

Obviously, all the security in the world can’t protect your information if you don’t take certain precautions as well. We provide resources and information to help you follow the best security practices. We’re constantly watching for new ways to improve your security and the security of your accounts.

Visit our knowledgebase for security recommendations and helps to keep your data safe.

If you have questions, contact our Support Forum and we’ll get you a prompt answer.

Need to Report a Problem?

For non-urgent issues, please contact us via our Support Forum. However if you’ve noticed an issue with your account, misuse, abuse, or any other issue that has caused you concern, please contact us directly.