Done Desk™

Spend more time with patients and employees…not paperwork

Done Desk is dentistry’s first all-in-one operations platform that helps you focus on your employees and your patients. Office managers love the simplicity, ease of use, and the time savings Done Desk provides.

Supercharged Dental Management

Best in class operational management tools

Consolidate Operations

Simplify your day with operational tools that make sense.

Oversee Employee Development

Know who's due for new training or to help schedule your CE classes.

Build Practice Intellegence

Build and store practice management documents for your team.

Efficient Effort

Manage HR, Operations, Compliance, Training and more on one platform

Done Desk consolidates many operational tasks that are normally paper based and manually tracked. Take charge of your day and admin tasks with our state-of-the-art platform.

Increased impact

Effectively oversee enterprise training and development

Tap into our training courses or develop your own custom courses. Done Desk delivers training programs directly to your employees so you can assure they are properly trained and up to date


See what you’re missing and fix it

Done Desk allows you visibility to what employee documents you’ve collected, what missing, and most importantly, what’s expired. You can then work on the right things at the right time to minimize risk to the practice.


Build organizational intelligence

Stop recreating the wheel and use Done Desk to build and store proprietary practice management documents for your practice. Save time by accessing our library of templates for use in your practice

Be more productive and impactful. See a demo today!