Done Desk™

From new to effective in no time flat

Done Desk provides dentistry's first customizable way to onboard new employees so they become an effective team member. We provide you with new hire documents, training, and the knowledge that your new hire starts off right.

New employee onboarding

Access Templates, Checklists, and Guides

New Hire Paperwork

Access our templates or your custom new hire documents. Never miss an important document again.

Policy and Procedure Training

Get your new employee quickly up to speed and informed on your company's policies and procedures.

Collect and Track CE

Keep your CE certifications on hand and safe so you can reference later.

Simple Training

Assign and track compliance training for new employees

Done Desk allows you to assign compliance courses and see who’s completed their training. Employees are scored on their completion rates, so you can see how well your company is doing.

Secure Documents

Deliver, collect, and store important new hire documents

New hire checklists and required documents are a part of effectively onboarding new employees. Done Desk provides essential documents so you can focus on first day engagement...not paperwork.

Compliance Management

Link compliance with employee performance

Done Desk allows you to link an employee’s performance to your compliance programs by tracking completion of courses and submission of required documents. This can help you better manage risk by ensuring your employees are trained and knowledgeable.

A new way to onboard your employees. See a demo today!