Done Desk™

Track CE, BLS, licensing and everything else!

Done Desk tracks anything that can expire and keeps you informed on important dates. Store all of your CE records and know you are in compliance.

CE, BLS, PALS, ACLS, and License Tracking

Keep documents and never lose a certificate again.

Empower Employees

Employees can load their own documents which saves you time.

Track Expiring Certifications

Know who's due for new training or to help schedule your CE classes.

Store CE Documents

Keep your CE certifications on hand and safe so you can reference later.

Simple Training

Assign and track compliance training for employees

Done Desk allows you to assign compliance courses and see who’s completed their training. Employees are scored on their completion rates, so you can see how well your company is doing.

Required Training

Record annually required CE records training and audits

Done Desk has a host of checklists and training to help you understand what compliance programs are required. We also provide links to relevant state and federal guidelines so you don’t have to search for it.

Compliance Management

Link compliance with employee performance

Done Desk allows you to link an employee’s performance to your compliance programs by tracking completion of courses and submission of required documents. This can help you better manage risk by ensuring your employees are trained and knowledgeable.

Document Tracking

Store and track CE certificates

You can store any and all CE certificates and assign an expiration date if you wish. This includes licensing, CPR, PALS, ACLS, or any date-related expiration. No longer will you have to search for past CE records for state board audits or hospital credentialing.

A new way to manage your CE, BLS, and licensing administration. See a demo today!