Done Desk™

Taking your practice purchase to the next level of awesome

Done Desk makes your new purchase shine by installing practice management, HR, and risk management discipline into an existing practice.

Enabling Successful Acquisitions

Supporting new ownership with solid resources

Consolidate Operations

Simplify your day with operational tools that make sense.

Oversee Employee Development

Know who's due for new training or to help schedule your CE classes.

Supports Change Management

Establish new protocols and practices and deliver through our platform

New Beginnings

Supports change management and process implementation

Get started as the new owner and organize your new purchase in Done Desk. Whether it's policies, job descriptions, employment handbook or training so that everyone is aligned, know where things stand and how they should move forward.

Increased impact

Implement new management practices

New managers lean on Done Desk to implement their management process. Kicking off new training initiatives, process discipline, and installing new HR practices can all be accomplished, and tracked, within our platform

People Excellence

Performance manage your new team

Use Done Desk’s expert forms to establish performance expectations in their new role. You can also use Done Desk to store employee HR documents for future reference.


Practice management resource library

Access our library of HR and practice management documents. You’ll save hours having to search out these documents on your own. You can also upload your custom documents for later use.

Successfully start a new era with your acquisition. See a demo today!